We know a lot about the benefits of citrus fruits, and often we use them for making juices. However, usually we throw out the peel. Do you know that lemon zest helps to strengthen immunity and relieves joint pain? Lemon is one of the most useful ingredient in the world, which provides protection against many diseases.
Lemon is rich in many useful nutrients, elements and vitamins. It prevents various diseases, and regular consumption of lemons will mainly affect the entire immune system. Lemon has a positive effect on the liver, stomach, intestines, immune system, cardiovascular and nervous systems. Among other things, these fruits are insanely useful for our body, since they are the most powerful source of vitamin C
If you regularly eat lemon, you can prevent diseases such as bronchitis, flu, colds, laryngitis, arthritis, bacterial infections, kidney stones and gallstones, high blood pressure. According to recent studies, lemon can even prevent cancer. Do you know that lemon can also be used as an anesthetic for joints?
There are many ways to relieve pain in bones or joints, including rest, healthy eating, compresses, and natural remedies that speed recovery. Lemon zest is extremely useful in the case of chronic joint pain. If you want to learn how to remove joint pain with lemon, follow these tips:

Remove the peel from one lemon. Try to do it very carefully: we do not need a white part of the peel. Only zest! Then put it on the area where you feel pain and cover it with gauze or fabric. Wait for a few hours and you will feel the pain begin to go away.

Another variant. You need:

2 lemons;

eucalyptus leaves;

olive oil;

plastic container.

The recipe is simple. Prepare lemon zest, pour olive oil and cover with eucalyptus leaves. The remedy should stand for 2 weeks before it is usable. When the mixture is ready, apply it to the affected areas and wrap it with gauze.

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As you can see, the lemon is a truly magical means! However, you should remember that the proposed methods are not curative, but help to relieve symptoms, so with frequent joint pain, you should consult your doctor.