A riot is currently occurring in Oko polytechnic.

Some parts of Federal Polytechnic Oko has been allegedly set on fire following the Institution’s decision to switch from Pen on paper Mode to CBT mode of Examination.

The incident which took place during the early hours of Tuesday was blamed on students who did not want to take part in the on-going revert that the system is witnessing in terms of choosing examination mode.

Reports emanating from the institution claims that some structures at the Institutions permanent site were as well set ablaze. Unverified reporters also claimes that students residing in the hostels has been told to vacate the premises and many are stranded as as to where to go.

Pictures emanating from the school confirms that the Exams and records building, the Old Admin block and school buses were blazed to dust as a result of the fire.

Students in school, have also confirmed that there was no trace of the culprits as the school was filled up with students who came to class in preparation for their exams.

Earlier before now, when the school announced her intentions to switch from CBT mode of exams to Pen on Paper, posters were seen across the institution warning the management to desist from the move as the students will burn down the school if they continue.

Here are the pictures of the posters.

Meanwhile , the full extent of damages is yet to be known as at the time of filing this report. And no suspect has been apprehended so far. Nothing seems to be safe anymore and this very act could lead to a long strike or a total shut down of the school.

Here are some pictures and video of the incident.


Click to download the VIDEO

In a similar situation, news raving the internet claims that the secretariat of the EFFC has been set on fire although not much is known of this as no substantial news has come out on this as at the time of filing in this report.

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