I De Praise You – Avy (Lyrics + mp3 free download)

This is an awesome rock song written, produced and sung by Avy. He wrote it in appreciation to God for another year added to his life.

Be Blessed and do well to share.


1, 2, 3 Go!


Give you all the praise now

It’s Avy again.

Somebody give Jesus a shout.

na na na na na na na na na


I’ll sing
A new song to you
Lord God almighty
I’ll sing
I’ll dance
Give thanks
Cause you have been merciful and kind to me.
The horses and the riders you drowned for me.

I have come to give you all the praise..
They may say i juz de craze
I will worship you as long as I live.


I de praise you
For all you’ve done
I can’t say it all
Your amazing grace
Has been poured upon my life

I de praise
For all the love
You’ve Shown to me
And the extra year you added to my life


I just wanna shout

I just wanna dance

I just wanna clap

I just wanna jump

Download Here


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