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My Father – Prospero (Lyrics + Mp3 + Video Free Download)

The song is a song dedicated to all fathers around the world, who have been there through all seasons, for their family, who went out of their way to make sure that peace reigned even in trouble times. It is a song that appreciates the efforts, love, and care of all fathers, and to let them know that they are still loved, no matter how much mothers are more hyped over them.


Helelele… This one na ebenebe
Prospero on the beat oh-oh….. Lemme hear you:

Helelele… This one nah ebenebe
This one na for popsi oh-oh

We don dey sing for Mama, now let us sing for Papa
Cos they deserve some gbedu and some accolades…
We don dey sing for Mama, now let us sing for Papa
Cos they deserve some gbedu, oh my daddy oh…

Daddy I wanna take this time to tell you my heart o
My folks can tell you theirs, I’ll sing you my part o
cos e no go make sense say I shut up my mouth o
I don compose the song I go sing for u and me I go loud o.

E no get anybody eh, wey fit love us like u do eh
Nah you dey when we small o, even till now you still dey…
This man o, my daddy o, you too much of
I no fit to count everytin you do for us o

We no dey lack bcos you provide for us o
We never get in trouble cos you are there for us o
The Lord was good enough to give you to us o
If no be you I no know wetin fit to happen to us o

Sleeping with one eye open to protect his family
Nah you be the reason we live in peace and harmony
Married his queen my mother in holy matrimony
Odum ezinuuno, the Lion of my family

You are our defender
January to December
You are my daddy wonder
Jehovah enyewom the best father ehe..
Our defender
January to December
You are my daddy wonder
Jehovah enyewom the best o, cos I love my father


(Trumpet interlude)

We no go forget am when you flog us the cane o
And when you sit us down to give us the speech o
The way you mix the anger with tough love o
That is thr reason why we grew up strong o

You go think say e dey sleep, oh no, o dighi araru ura
Soso ihe nna na-eche bu ka o ga-esi diri anyi na mma
Very early in the morning sometimes without any food
My papa go comot just to find money for that same food

“Daddy aguu na-agu m”, o si gi ngwa k’ayi choba nni…
M’o bu’ n’o fu na o diro o si k’ayi gote nni…
Sometimes the tin dey pain my mother o kpoo ya ntufu ego
Wetin I know be say na time I spend with super daddy o

You are the one we lean upon as our mighty tree
Even when when you have just little you still give us what we need, ehe…
I love you Papa, enigwe gozie gi

God the Father Son and Holy Spirit Blessed Trinity

(Back to CHORUS)

Onye nwere nna, jigide ya aka
If you still get papa, hold him tight o
Maka otu nne si ma mma, ka nna si maa mma nke ya
And they deserve some gbedu and some accolades

I love my dad o (Papa)
(Repeat 6x)
Ana m ekene Chineke, maka na o nyewom the best o, cos I love my father…


I dey give you gbedu, make you dance o
Oya hear my gbedu, start to dance o
Ezigbo papa begin to dance o
Agu ezinuuno start to dance o

Oya sekelebe, selewa (4x)


Music ends.



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