September 19, 2021

Gurus Information

We Have It All



Verse 1

I can’t live, I can’t breathe, it’s choking me
I’ve been staring at the mirror like my life is a fantasy
I’ve tried to love and be loved but it ain’t working
so I’m going to take my life cause it isn’t worth keeping


Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh oh


Verse 2
Why did I take my life when I know I’ll be damned
why did I play God when I’m just a man
I felt my life was bad but it just got worse
look at all the pains and Heartbreaks that I have caused


Listen oh ye of little faith
you have no right to decide your fate
fight that voice inside your head cause all it wants is to see you dead
you think you know about real pain take a good look around you
you’re going down the wrong lane don’t yield to what you are going through
you’re strong
you’re smart
you’re nice
you’re fine
you’re enough for yourself
till the end of times
Yet you are rolling around with sniper
shebi now you don be colonel
ain’t you seeing the light is brighter you almost at the end of the tunnel

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